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Jeppiaar Career Development

ISRO, Department of Space

  1. Inaugurated UNITYsat Ground station on Jan 28th 2021.
  2. Thermo vacuum testing of satellite is carried out.
  3. Progressing towards UNITYsat launch.


Jeppiaar Career Development

Committee for Space Programme Development, Republic of Serbia

  1. To exchange of Scientific Research Collaboration.
  2. Exploration of Teaching Collaboration, Sharing of joint research.
  3. Exchange of academics, Research and joint organisational events.


Jeppiaar Career Development


  1. To have extensive training on IOT, C# & .Net Framework.
  2. To avail internships and placements for the students with training, guest lectures and industrial visit.


Jeppiaar Career Development

Indian Institute of HAMS

  1. Introduction of Amateur Radio/Demo/ Training Program
  2. Conducting Workshop/Seminar/Guest Lectures
  3. Organising Contents/ National International activities


Jeppiaar Career Development


  1. TechGig is a competitive programming and technology community website owned by Times Internet.
  2. TechGig launched a recruitment platform where companies can hire candidates based on their test results


Jeppiaar Career Development

New Horizon College of Engineering

  1. To Conduct Mentor Ship Programs for accreditation


Jeppiaar Career Development


  1. ENLIST in preparing students in complex problem solving, critical thinking, creative communication by various training programmes and internships.
  2. Upskill the training students


Jeppiaar Career Development


  1. TESLA MINDS established in 2016 to aspire antenna design engineers with focus on research and training.
  2. On Demand training programs are conducted periodically for companies and institutions to demonstrate latest EDA tools.
  • Consultancy works are exchanged in areas of training and research.
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    Jeppiaar Career Development

    GUVI for Technical training Partner

    1. GUVI (Grab Ur Vernacular Imprint) is an IIT Madras incubated online learning/mentoring company.
    2. GUVI was awarded as 'Top 25 Social Entrepreneur of the year 2016' by AFI.
    3. Consultancy works are exchanged in areas of training and research.


    Jeppiaar Career Development

    MyWays for Internship Partner

    1. MyWays is an excellent platform for finding internship.
    2. It provides a smooth way to directly interact with the company officials.


    Jeppiaar Career Development

    YBE Creative House

    1. YBE in training Digital marketing fundamentals and courses, web and mobile experience on digital platform and digital analytics.
    2. In steering digital marketing campaigns and projects.


    Jeppiaar Career Development

    SIX PHRASE for Aptitude Training

    1. Six Phrase is an institution engaged in placement training and skill development services.
    2. Six Phrase is authorized by University of Cambridge as official preparation centre for all their courses.


    Jeppiaar Career Development

    FACE for Training Partner

    1. FACE in conducting soft skill training program for our students.
    2. The modules on resume-writing, personal interviews, group discussions and current events were covered extensively and were felt very useful by the students.


    Jeppiaar Career Development

    Automation Anywhere

    1. Automation Anywhere is a developer of robotic process automation software, which employs software bots to complete processes.


    Jeppiaar Career Development

    ITCA Indian Technology Congress Association

    1. To perform Unity SAT project, Education Training, Multi Disciplinary Research, Developmental Student Satellite Projects, Sponsored Research Projects.


    Jeppiaar Career Development

    Classicon Consulting Services


    Jeppiaar Career Development

    TMISAT & ITCA (Indian Technology Congress Association)

    1. To associate Student satellite Project and initiatives.
    2. To fecilitate international collaborations.
    3. To support complete development of nano satellite for “Indo Israel Mission 2022”.


    Jeppiaar Career Development

    Aspring Mind Assesment Pvt Ltd

    1. Aspiring Minds Assessment Pvt. Ltd. provides online computer adaptive test services.
    2. The Company offers skill assessment capabilities, recruitment solutions, corporate talent benchmarks, and assessments for education to judge.


    Jeppiaar Career Development

    Amcat for Assessment Partner

    1. AMCAT is a Computer Adaptive Test for assessing employability.
    2. AMCAT is a computer adaptive test which assesses basic aptitude (English, quantitative ability and logical) and personality from a job prospective.


    Jeppiaar Career Development


    1. Internshala is a technology company on a mission to equip students with relevant skills & practical exposure through internships and online trainings.


    Jeppiaar Career Development

    School Of Design Thinking

    1. School of Design Thinking is committed to creating awareness in the society at large about design thinking as a Human-centered approach for problem solving, thus enabling ordinary people to do extraordinary things.
    2. School of Design Thinking has been credited with framing India’s first program on ‘Design Thinking’ tailor made for the academics & offered from an industry.


    Jeppiaar Career Development

    Open Cosmos Ltd & UNISEC India

    1. To collaborate 75 student satellite Project.
    2. To facilitate international collaborations.


    Jeppiaar Career Development

    COMSTAR Automotive Technologies

    1. COMSTAR – into the business of Starter Motor, Alternator and Allied Parts Design, manufacturing & supplying in India and overseas automotive customers.
    2. “Service Provider” is acting as a consultant for Research and Development and Continual Improvements.
    3. COMSTAR has approached “Service Provider” to get consulting in the field of New Product Development, Product Design Engineering, Computer Aided Engineering, Testing, Prototype Development and Manufacturing.


    Jeppiaar Career Development


    1. VEI in implementing software and embedded development ideas as a promising solution. Gives cutting edge technique, as the most efficient, flexible and cost-effective solution to software development.
    2. Trains various fields of engineering students to upskill their proficiency.


    Jeppiaar Career Development


    1. GEMICATES LABS in training faculty and students with latest trends in Embedded systems, IOT, Robotic Automation and in latest fields.
    2. Workshops, internships and guest lectures were very useful for the students.


    Jeppiaar Career Development


    1. CHASE is a technology-oriented organization specializing in Embedded Hardware/Software, Turnkey Design Services.
    2. Serves a wide range of research organizations, innovations of expertise, vast spectrum of services offered especially in electronics, biotechnology, medical and nanotechnology, academic and government research organizations.
    3. `
    4. In upskilling students in latest fields of engineering and to train them in specified field of research projects.


    Jeppiaar Career Development

    Infosys Campus Connect

    1. Infosys conducts “train the trainer program” on various technologies including Foundation level, Advanced level and soft skills.
    2. Infosys provides training to faculties so that they can equip students for placement drives.