Career Development


Entrepreneurship Development Cell

    • To conduct orientation programes for students and public to attract them into establishing their own enterprises
    • To organize training programes on establishing and managing industrial units
    • To organize programes for women for acquiring special skills So that they can earn while at home
    • To organize workshops participating successful entrepreneurs
  • To provide assistance to entrepreneurs in getting bank loans, selection of staff and workers and dealing with day to day problems in their business

Major objectives

Entrepreneurs play a vital role in the economic development of any region or country. An entrepreneur is a person who organizes, manages and takes the risk of running an enterprise. All industrially developed countries such as USA, Japan, and Germany etc. show that their development is an effect of entrepreneurship. India has very ambitious growth targets for the future. We got opened up two decades back and enjoy a favorable demographic dividend from its young population. It has emerged as a strong economic force with the second largest growth rate after China. All these happened due to entrepreneurs of this country. It is strongly felt that we want millions of entrepreneurs for the country and all of us in JIT believe that we should do whatever possible to develop entrepreneurship.


The main objective of this cell is to train and motivate the Science and Technology (S&T) persons to become Job Creators rather than Job Seekers.
◆ To inculcate the entrepreneurial culture into their minds.

◆ To conduct Entrepreneurship Awareness Camps (EAC)

▸ To conduct Entrepreneurship Development Programs (EDP)

▸ To conduct Skill development programs (SDP)

▸ To conduct Entrepreneurship Awareness Camps (EAC)

for the S&T persons of our college as well as students from neighboring institutions and any graduate student in Tamil Nadu.

◆ To assist them in starting industries of their own right from Product Identification (PI)

● Market Survey, tools for market research

● Preparation of Project Reports

● Assist them in getting Technical feasibility Reports

◆ To liaison with various external agencies like CIPET, NSIC, CFTRI, CLRI, SIPCOT, SIDCO, SISI, DIC and leading Financial Institutions & Banks like IDBI, SIDBI, TIIC, Indian Bank and others.

◆ Consultancy and research

Higher Studies

Higher Studies

About the Advisory Bureau of Higher Education and Research

The Advisory Bureau of Higher Education and Research has been functioning in our college since February, 2013. It has been started with a view to provide information about the higher education and research in India and abroad. The cell has organized three seminars on higher education so far to create awareness about higher education. Based on the interest of the students, the cell plans to organize in-house training programs for higher education programs such as GATE, GRE, and TOEFL. The cell has been getting concessions from the training institutes when our students get training in such institutions.

Seminars Organized

The Advisory Bureau of Higher Education and Research organized a seminar on CAT from 11.30 am to 12.20 pm on 13.02,2014. The seminar was conducted by Mr. Abdul Navas.H, the Assistant Manager- Business Development of Time institute Nungambakkam, Chennai-34. 136 third year students attended the seminar. The students were interested in the seminar.



About Robotics

A course on Robotics with hands-on training was started by July 2013 in the name “Robotics Centre”. The robotics program was started with ten faculties from various departments like, EEE, ECE, MECH, CSE and IT who were trained on robotics by CARMEL INFOTECH SOLUTION, Chennai. The first batch was successfully started.

The Level One training was started with 45 students from all the departments. The level one course started with initial training on how to construct/build a robot and understand the working of the various drives and controls involved.

With successful completion of the level one training, the students were trained for the Level Two training. In the level two training program, the students were trained in the programing language “Robo C”. With the two levels of training, the students were effective in programming and building a new robot for participating in various National Level competitions.

Workshop Details

“South Indian Robo Championship League” was conducted in the month of August 2013 by South Indian RCL. Students from the college team in different batches participated successfully and won FIRST prize and THIRD prize in “SOIL MINING ROBO”. Students have also participated in various robotics symposium conducted by various engineering colleges.

The second batch was started in July 2014 with 50 students from second, third and final year. The successful start of the ROBOTIC CENTRE is now leading the students of various disciplines effectively with participation in various competitions.

Workshop Specialities

∎ Understand, design and develop 7 robots yourself under the guidance of our faculty.

  • Basic
    • Line Follower Robot
    • Robo Soccer
    • Line Tracer Robot
    • Robo Remains
  • Medium
    • Robo Genere
    • Robofeast
  • Advanced
    • Electromagnetic Robo
    • Soil Mining Robo

Highlights of Program

  • Learn to Design and Build 7 different kinds of robots involving concepts from Sensor Based Autonomous Robotics, Soil Mining Robotics, Robo Soccer and Gesture Based Robotics.
  • Well-structured program that spans from basics to advanced robotics.
  • Develop live working Robotics Projects.
  • Complete Kit and software resources provided to participants.
  • Encourages participants to think and come up with new designs.


The Robotics Centre awarded the course completion certificate after the final examination of various projects submitted by the students.

  • Best Project Award
  • Best Fabrication Award
  • Fastest Fabrication Award
  • Innovation Award

HTML Table

15.02.17 to 18.02.17 Ramanathan A R ECE Anna University Guindy Crusaders(Manual Robot) Participated
08.03.17 Sonali B,Elamathi Kamali T,Swetha M CSE Agni college of Engineering Line Follower Participated
03.03.16 to 05.03.16 Vishal J,Abimanyou,Vignesh, Natarajan R,David Lanington Koliraj L, Karthik Shaaran S,Vignesh S,Swathy K, Esther Florence P,Charathraaj L,Barkavi R,Anand S,Vinoth Kumar K, Gogulnath M,Jangan Paran Kumar MECH,CSE, IT,ECE,EEE MIT Academy of Engineering ABU ROBOCON 2016 Participated
05.03.15 to 07.03.15 G.Vaidhyanathan,B.Kishore,V.Kiruthika, D.Steephan Pradeep Raj,M.Maria Franklin Jerome,J.Charrath Raaj J, D.C.Gokula Priya,Usha Nandhini M,J.Vishal, Saranya M,Raja Kiruthika R,Vishal John S, Deepak B,Narayana Moorthy V,AkilanDeshwaran M, Jaral Mohamed H, Rohan M,Divya P, Fazlees, Anathi Reetha R,Gayathri B, Betsy,Sweetlin M, Swetha H, Gajalakshmi S, Vignesh S,G.Fenelin, Ramya K,Lesly Jacob Mathew MECH,CSE, IT,ECE,EEE MIT Academy of Engineering ROBOCON 2015 Participated
06.03.14 to 08.03.14 G.Vaidhyanathan,B.Kishore,V.Kiruthika, D.Steephan Pradeep Raj MECH,CSE MIT Academy of Engineering, Pune, Doordarshan, India ROBOCON 2014 Participated
10.8.13 V.Ashly Stephen,John Joel Kirubakaran, M.Vignesh,S.Arul kumaran, Sam Prince Daniel Mechanical South Indian Robo Champian League(ICF) SOIL MINING ROBO 1st place
10.8.13 Chellappa,Agadeesan.K,Gopalakrishnan, Dominic Roystan MECH South Indian Robo Champian League(ICF) SOIL MINING ROBO 3rd place
10.8.13 Gopalakrishnan, Ashly Stephen MECH South Indian Robo Champian League(ICF) Robo Soccer Participation Certificate
10.8.13 Nithya.M, Nidhie.R, Ranganayaki.N, Nithya Jeevanand EEE,IT,ECE South Indian Robo Champian League(ICF) Electromagnetic ROBO Participation Certificate
10.8.13 Poornima.V, Yamini.S, Krithika.V CSE,IT South Indian Robo Champian League(ICF) Line Tracer Participation Certificate
17.8.13 Vaidhyanathan MECH Sairam Institute of Technology Line Follower Participation Certificate
21.8.13 P.Sudhakr, Ganesh Ram, Vignesh.M, Shakul Ahameed ECE Saveetha Engineering College Line Tracer Participation Certificate
31.8.13 Sam Prince Daniel, GopalaKrishnan,Ashely Stephen Mechanical Prathyusha Institute of Technology Robo Remains Participation Certificate
4.9.13 Sam Prince Daniel, GopalaKrishnan,Ashely Stephen, Chellappan, Jagadeesan.K, Arul kumaran.S MECH SaiRam Engineering college Robo Remains Participation Certificate
7.9.13 Sam Prince Daniel, GopalaKrishnan,Ashely Stephen IT,ECE, ECE,EEE Sri Krishna Engineering College, Coimbatore Line Tracer Participation Certificate
7.9.13 Vaidhyanathan, Arul kumaran MECH Sri Krishna Engineering College, Coimbatore Line Tracer Participation Certificate

Workshop Course Content

    • Understanding the application of various sensors and integration with Microcontrollers.
    • Exposure to Mobile Communication.
    • Understanding of Accelerometer sensors.
    • Introduction to Swarm Intelligence and its implementation in Robotics.
    • Understanding the structure and programming of Microcontrollers.
    • Live testing and competition of robots.

Kit Details

The following kit would be given to the participants

◉ Labs’ Robotics Development Board
◈ Microcontroller
◎ All ICs and IC Holders
◉ DC Motors
◈ Wheels
◎ IR Sensors
◉ DTMF decoder module
◈ Audio jack
◎ Accelerometer Sensors
◉ RF Tx-Rx Module
◈ Programming Cable
◎ 12 V Battery
◉ Chassis
◈ Digital Multi Meter
◎ Working Tools
Business English Certificate

Business English Certificate (BEC) Exam

In today’s global business world, it is important to show employers that you can communicate in English effectively in every-day business situations. To prove your efficiency British Council offers three levels of Cambridge English Business exams: BEC Preliminary (Intermediate), BEC Vantage (Upper Intermediate) and BEC Higher (Advanced). Business English Certificates are designed to give you practical skills to help you succeed in English-speaking international business environments.

BEC Preliminary

This qualification shows employers that you can communicate in English in practical everyday business situations. This level will help you to improve your English for your career. Studying for the BEC Preliminary will give you a good foundation in the English skills that you need to work in international business contexts.

Level of qualification: Intermediate = B1 on the Common European Framework

Exam Pattern

  Reading & Writing Listening Speaking
Time 1 hour 30 mins 40 mins 12 mins
Marks % of total 50% 25% 25%
BEC Vantage

Preparing for the BEC Vantage will develop your confidence and the English skills you need to succeed in international business contexts. This exam will help in showing the employers that your English is good enough for you to work in an English-speaking business environment.

Level of qualification: Upper Intermediate = B2 on theCommon European Framework

Exam Pattern

  Reading Writing Listening Speaking
Time 1 hour 45 mins 40 mins 14 mins
Marks % of total 25% 25% 25% 25%
BEC Higher

The BEC Higher qualification proves to employers that you can be effective in a demanding English-speaking business environment. This exam will help you to develop professional English business skills.

Level of qualification: Advanced = C1 on the Common European Framework

Exam Pattern

  Reading Writing Listening Speaking
Time 1 hour 1 hous 10 mins 40 mins 16 mins
Marks % of total 25% 25% 25% 25%
Training Programme

BEC is a certification Programme to enhance business English proficiency. The students registered for BEC exam will be trained to improve their reading, writing, listening and speaking skills in business context through various activities. Training will be given by the staff members of English department certified by British council.

Registration Details :
BEC Preliminary 158 students
BEC Vantage 221 students
BEC Higher 02 students
2014 – 2015
Computer Science Engineering 19 Students
Electronics and Communication Engineering 02 students
Electrical and Electronics Engineering 16 students
Information Technology 07 students
Mechanical Engineering 05 students
2013 – 2014
Computer Science Engineering 24 Students
Electronics and Communication Engineering 98 students
Electrical and Electronics Engineering 29 students
Information Technology 33 students
Mechanical Engineering 09 students
2012 – 2013
Computer Science Engineering 15 Students
Electronics and Communication Engineering 49 students
Electrical and Electronics Engineering 23 students
Information Technology 42 students
Mechanical Engineering 09 students
Academic Year 2014-2015



BEC Certificate
BEC Certificate
Campus Events
ASME Events
SAE Events

Saeindia Collegiate Club

SAEINDIA student’s chapter were started with 54 students, during the academic year 2013-14 from Department of Mechanical Engineering.

During the academic year 2014-15 from SAE society, twenty five students were registered for BAJA 2014, our college team (Armageddon) were participated in the VIRTUAL BAJA-2014 on 2nd August 2014 at Gujarat Technological University (GTU), Ahmedabad, organized by SAEINDIA. Another team from our college has participated in the Efficycle virtual round held on 28.06.2014 at Rajalakshmi Institute of Technology, Chennai. A team of 14 students (Team name-Kart Draggers) were participated in the Elite-karting event held at RPM International Karting circuit, Bopal on February 2015 and secured 9th position out of 133 teams. In addition, another team named-Armageddon (14 students) were participated in the Go-kart event held at RPM International Karting circuit, Bopal on January 2015 and secured 15th position out of 120 teams.

In the academic year 2015-16 34 students were joined as a SAE member and the member’s strength was increased to 66 (Excluding 2011-15 Batch-22 Students) and received SAEINDIA collegiate club of Jeppiaar institute of Technology. From SAEINDIA conducted Tier I events (Aero modeling, Technical Quiz, Paper Presentation, Group discussion and Auto Quiz) during the odd semester 2015-16. Total of 65 teams were participated in the above events. In the month of September we conducted one day workshop on two wheeler mechanism in which 142 students were participated in this workshop. SAEINDIA collegiate club of Jeppiaar Institute of Technology participated in the Virtual Baja 2015 held at CHITKARA University, Punjab on 10.07.2015.

SAE student members attended the International Lecture on Vehicle Dynamics organized by SAEINDIA from 09.07.2015 to 11.07.2015 at SRM University, Chennai.

Vision & Mission

Vision and Mission

Proposed calender 2017 -2018 (EVEN semester)

S.No Proposed Date Name of the Event
1 19.01.2018 Material Identification
2 16.02.2018 Technical Quiz
3 09.03.2018 Paper Presentation

SAEINDIA Collegiate club of Jeppiaar Institute of Technology, Department of Mechanical Engineering conducted “SAE-TECHNICAL QUIZ” event for SAE student members on 16.02.18 at CAD Lab.

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Research & Development

Research & Development

Jeppiaar Institute of Technology is focusing on Research & Development (R&D) in Engineering, Technology and Sciences. With its vision of being a social partner for the development of the nation through its contribution towards fundamental research activities in the latest fields of Engineering and Technology. The Academic research work was undertaken by the faculty in Engineering, Technology, Science and Humanities which leads to Ph.D. degree. By considering the research potential in the college the following Industry/Institute identified the Departments of Jeppiaar Institute of Technology as Centre for Research Excellence.

DEPARTMENTS Identified as “Centre For Research Excellence”
Name Of The Industry/Institute Identified The Departments as “Centre For Research Excellence”
Mechanical Engineering
Institute of Industrial Design, Chennai
Mechanical Engineering
CADAM Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Chennai
Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Steinbeis Solar Research Lab, Chennai
Computer Science and Engineering and Information Technology (Identified for DATA Science and Big Data Analytics)
ICTACT, Chennai
Electronics and Communication Engineering (Robotics Research Centre)
Carmel Info Tech Solutions Pvt.Ltd, Chennai
CSI Events

The Advisory Bureau of Higher Education and Research organized a seminar on higher education at 2.00 pm to 3.45 pm.on 05.03.2014. S.Balamurugan, (Manager – Operations) of Gate Forum, Chennai-34 presented the topic on GATE Examination. He explained how it is helpful in pursing higher education in reputed institutions and how it is useful in getting placements in PSUs (Public Sector Undertakings). Students got more information from this session. The second session was conducted by P.L.Gopinath, Assistant Manager – Marketing (Jamboree Education Pvt Ltd. Chennai Adyar). Mr.Sriram from Jamboree Education explained how students can appear for GRE. Students got some information from the seminar. As the resource person concentrated more on the examination point of view, some of the students were not feeling well about the way of presentation.




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Library is the temple of learning as observed by our elders. Our central library has ample collection of text books and reference books offering vast sources of information. It has subscriptions of reputed national and international journals in the field of various branches of Engineering and Science. Apart from these books our library has fictions, short stories and biographies to enhance the reading habit of our students.Our college has membership with IIT, British Council, Anna University and other leading library networks to widen the accessibility of the students.


Intellectual Impetus Digital Library

In our Air-conditioned Digital library, we have automation facility which helps our students to consult the catalogs, independent data and abstracts by means of computers.We have access to e-books, e-journals, IEEE journals, video contents and web contents of NPTEL.

  •   Electrical & Electronics Engineering
  •   Electronics & Communication Engineering
  •   Computer Science & Engineering
  •   Information Technology
  •   Mechanical Engineering

From IT,Machine Design,We Have Everything

Library &




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